1. So far about two hundred x-rays have been scanned, of which only 15% have turned out to be useful for several reasons: wrong perspective or elements impossible to adapt to others, bad quality of the material, etc. This material comes from the X-ray archives of the Veterinary Department of the Zoo of Barcelona, from individual vets and from friends and acquaintances who have given us their own X-rays.

Frankie on our operation table

2. Nine complete assemblies have been created with the help of Photoshop: the Angel, the Mermaid, the Gorgon, the Sphinx, the Devil, the Werewolf, Frankenstein’s Monster, a Cyclops (study on overdimension) and a Faun (study on the devil). We are currently working on the selection of X-ray fragments to create a Cyborg, a Vampire and a Fairy (study on infradimension). Here we show examples of preliminary and rough compositions of some of the latter. To complete each one of these hybrids, about 50 hours of info-graphic work are required.

3. We have built the prototype lightboxes to scale 1:10 of two of the completed hybrids (the Angel and the Mermail) to make sure that the lighting system, electric cabling and duratrans material are the right ones.

4. The sounds for three of the hybrids (Angel, Mermaid and Sphinx) have been created. Play and listen...




5. We are in contact with a biologist for advice on the biophysical and biometric descriptions of these creatures in order to offer more “technical” information.

6. In addition, we are collecting audiovisual support data to complement the static image and the sound: possible reproduction systems, language, hunting and feeding habits, etc.